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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Specialist

Jon T. Ricks, MD PA

Obstetrician & Gynecologist located in North Dallas, Frisco, TX

If you need gynecologic surgery, you may be a candidate for da Vinci® robotic surgery. At the office of Jon T. Ricks, MD PA, robotic surgery is available to treat conditions like endometriosis and to complete a hysterectomy without the need for large incisions. Dr. Ricks also uses the da Vinci robotic surgery system for vaginal restoration surgery to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your vagina. To schedule a consultation for da Vinci robotic surgery, call the office in Frisco, Texas, today or book an appointment online.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Q&A

What is da Vinci robotic surgery?

During robotic surgery, Dr. Ricks uses a computer console to control a pair of robotic arms throughout your surgery. These arms hold specialized surgical instruments that fit through small incisions.

The instruments also have an attached magnifying camera that sends real-time images of the surgical site to an external monitor that Dr. Ricks watches throughout surgery.

The da Vinci robotic surgical technology makes it possible for Dr. Ricks to perform complex surgeries with a high level of precision. The camera provides a magnified view of the treatment area, so he can remove abnormal growths or repair tissue more efficiently.

Dr. Ricks can also complete surgery laparoscopically using only small incisions rather than the large ones that traditional surgery requires. The computer-assisted robotic arms give him an elevated level of control to prevent unnecessary damage to surrounding tissue.

Am I a candidate for da Vinci robotic surgery?

There are several surgeries Dr. Ricks performs using da Vinci robotic technology. If you’re unable to treat underlying gynecological conditions with medications and other therapies, he can determine if robotic surgery is right for you.

You may benefit from da Vinci robotic surgery to treat:

  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Cysts (ovarian cystectomy)

If you’re planning to have cosmetic surgery, such as vulvar labiaplasty or vaginal revitalization surgery, Dr. Ricks may be able to use the da Vinci robotic surgery system to complete it. 

He may also suggest robotic surgery if you need a hysterectomy to remove your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes during a hysterectomy.

Before surgery day, you receive guidance to help you prepare for your appointment and plan for your recovery. Dr. Ricks also outlines a plan to manage any pain you have following your procedure.

What are the benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery?

If you qualify for gynecologic surgery using the da Vinci robotic system, it significantly reduces your risk for noticeable abdominal scars.

Other benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery include:

  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less risk for blood loss
  • Less risk for infection

You can also get back to your usual activities faster than you might with traditional surgery because the small incisions heal more quickly.

If you need gynecologic surgery for fibroids or other conditions, call the office of Jon T. Ricks, MD PA, today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation or book an appointment online.