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Pregnancy Specialist

Jon T. Ricks, MD PA

Obstetrician & Gynecologist located in North Dallas, Frisco, TX

To ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one, the office of Jon T. Ricks, MD PA, in Frisco, Texas, offers customized pregnancy care. Dr. Ricks can help you manage both routine or high-risk pregnancies with high-quality prenatal care. He offers on-site pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and pregnancy support for expectant mothers. Labor and delivery plans are available for vaginal births, cesarean sections (c-sections), and vaginal after c-section. To schedule a pregnancy consultation, call the office today or book a consultation online.

Pregnancy Q&A

What pregnancy services are available?

A variety of pregnancy services are available at Jon T. Ricks, MD PA, to support the growth of your baby and your health as an expectant mother. You can also access services to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

As an obstetrics specialist, Dr. Ricks has extensive experience caring for pregnant women, including those who have underlying health issues that make their pregnancy high-risk. He offers customized care plans for vaginal births and cesarean sections (C-sections).

Dr. Ricks also specializes in vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) if you previously gave birth via C-section but want to have a vaginal birth. Because there is a risk for complications with this delivery method, you need an experienced physician like Dr. Ricks to guide you through the process.

What can I expect during my pregnancy appointments?

You should schedule your first visit for prenatal care six to eight weeks after your last period. Dr. Ricks spends time getting to know your medical history, lifestyle, and existing health needs. He can also confirm your pregnancy through blood tests and estimate your due date.

As part of your prenatal care, Dr. Ricks closely monitors your blood pressure, weight, and other vital signs. He can suggest dietary improvements, lifestyle changes, and supplements that support a healthy pregnancy.

You can expect to schedule a monthly prenatal visit from 4 weeks to 26 weeks. After that, your visits increase to every two weeks. After week 36, you meet with Dr. Ricks once a week until you go into labor. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, your prenatal visits may be more frequent.

Dr. Ricks can request ultrasounds at some visits to monitor your baby’s development. If an ultrasound shows any abnormalities, he may also order fetal testing for Down’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and other disorders.

What should I do if I can’t achieve a pregnancy?

If you’re having unprotected sex for a year or longer without achieving a pregnancy, Dr. Ricks offers on-site diagnostic testing for infertility.

Through blood work, a physical exam, and other tests, Dr. Ricks can identify infections, reproductive abnormalities, and other causes of infertility. He can customize a treatment plan using medications and laparoscopic or da Vinci® robotic surgical techniques to improve your chances of conceiving and maintaining a viable pregnancy.

If you need a pregnancy test or to schedule your first prenatal visit, call the office of Jon T. Ricks, MD PA, today or book a consultation online.